Monday, May 2, 2016

FORNICATION: When Social Becomes Venereal


This life can, gladly,  go into extra innings if you’re winning. 

But, if you drink hard liquor and/or use hard drugs; it’s hard.

So, if you don’t want to live hard; stop sinning.

Stop!   So, your babies can be free

From disease and poverty.

This life can be bright, happily full of struggling but not, necessarily, suffering.

Great expectations and  victories!  

Families can have many generations without the degradation

Of D.U.I.’s and drug addictions, violent marriages maligned w/suspicion

And devoid of vision; damned to divorce, utterly, cursed by weak traditions

That leave everybody victims.

Illicit sex precedes abortion, then, the deadly decision

That makes  murderers instead of mothers,

Maybe makes you love/consider kids a little less,

Leaves you jaundiced, partially blinded and could care less,

Callused, future clients for foster care.

Stop taking for granted that everybody on the planet

Is weak, morally, secretly dirty and  not what they appear to be.

No, everybody’s not doin’ it ;

And, every generation does not have to fall

For fornication

Then, learn to lie in denial when social becomes venereal,

And the jinn reveals himself as your sex appeal.

Eschew evil, and cultivate your taqwa, your Spiritual Will!

Clean will be  fashionable forever .

Find your niyyah, your purpose, and refocus.

Lust will be one of your first tests and one of the worst.

Lust, is the Wass Wass , The Whisperer, who speaks to the hearts

Of all Women/Men; The jinn who brings worry and distraction.

When you are confronted with or surrounded by his songs,

You must Pray. Keep Allah close.  Use Him as a weapon, a haven, a shelter.

Prayer is a  vehicle that helps you refocus and combats demons.

Never let too much time get between you and your last prayer.

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