Monday, May 2, 2016

Flirts? No, I Don’t Think So

Women have often flirted with me, some boldly, some subtly.

But more than half, well over 50% of these  coquettes were saying “voulez vous couche avec moi”.  Many had ulterior motives, and could care less that I was happily married with several kids. They did not seek marriage, only discreet but lusty interludes between cancerous relationships.

These witches, these jinni, who practice  secret arts, the adulteresses who reside in thinly masked denial of their sins.  These skeezers, these T.H.O.T.S., these hizzoes, these femme fatales  who never reflect on the dozens of men they go in and out of in their  scandalously sinful lives, the  HPV, the herpes, the HIV, the gonorrhea, and et cetera that they don’t even count, hide behind innocuous flirts, but caveat emptor (buyer beware)

When I look back upon my life, I am more proud  of  the women I turned down or we found some mutual reason not to have illicit sex than I am of the coquettes,  my so-called conquests. In fact, they are sins for which I want to repent – not the women but the sex that stained our relationships. 

This subject is so radioactive  that I am circumspect.  Any discussion of  past  sexual sins can become precedent for continuing morally weak traditions and possibly curtailing crucial growth. 

But, I became a man in the midst of  the Sexual Revolution; and, when I graduated from Cal State L.A. in 1973 “the next person who came through the door” was the sexual preference in a campus survey.  Orgies and experimentation were S.O.P. for entertainers, and White girls had discovered Black men and made fashionable the quickie. 

I was a wannabe actor under the tutelage of  the Grand Dame, Beah Richards and others of that ilk  at the renown Inner City Cultural Center with some of the most beautiful sorceresses in America, but I was, also, a 100 + Muhammad Speaks newspaper selling happily married F.O.I., so their siren songs never quite hypnotized me. 

I have had a voluptuous  actress strip nude to try to entice me (and anyone else in range of her sultry spell), they’ve offered menage a trois’s but, fortunately, I had a woman equal to 3 of them, so I was able to play it off.

Islam has been my protective aura for nearly 50 years. It taught me how to choose a mate, and that has been key to my successes.  Without  a tireless connection with The Spirit  entertainers are  bombarded by flirtatious sexual invitations. The young ones don’t  realize they are scarring their Souls.  They will never have  a lifelong mate because it’s the clean for the clean and the dirty for the dirty.

Au contraire, I have reverence for the women who are virtuous, who hold themselves above  Shaitan’s   lewd invitations. These are women with whom a man can only be successful. The true, “ride or die”, “Fo’ life” mothers  and  wives, like Camille Cosby and Michelle Obama;  I’m widowed to  2,   Sharon and Anjail Bakeer, and married to another, the indefatigable, imperturbable Sharyn Muhammad Bakeer.

These women  outgrew the curse of good looks and passed the moral tests to become sui generis, women whose words you can trust.

 Flirts?  No, I don’t  think so.  

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