Monday, May 2, 2016

Food for Thought

We hide, comfortably, from our greatness in Poverty.  It is a justifiable excuse for not inventing the internet or cell phone or any great technology since the stoplight.

I fear our Bill Gateses and Paul Allens are being concussed into mediocrity on football fields and basketball courts  before they can create their great apps  or design and pilot  the latest spacecraft.

We shoot for the stars in games and forget the stars in the universe. When will some of our parents commit themselves to raising Great Women Leaders like the Williams parents committed to raising great tennis players?

Are these unborn the angels that can lead us out of the sordid traditions of Comfortable Poverty, ie., the inability to love till death, the inability to save, to own, to be self-sufficient,  to be charitable, and to embrace literacy and the sciences rather than being distracted by bouncing balls?

Maybe our culture’s  salvation is being put second to possible careers in professional tennis, and basketball, golf, and volleyball.

Furthermore, where are our Kings, Malcolms, or Mahatma Ghandis? Could they be those most committed to the religions of Song and Dance?  Did we trade for Michael Jackson  instead of  another  Adam Clayton Powell?  Could we have had another Malcolm instead of Miles?

Why not make songs that program us to do more than  smile, dance, and romance? Allah’s sound vibrations have so much more power.  Where is the music that ends hunger and  abortion, renews universal love, and unites all faiths? Are we trying to convince our precocious geniuses that they should, only,  try to be Snoop Lion or Prince?

Must  we continue to aim so low leaving those who fail littered in neighborhood trash heaps, almost made its and has beens?  Victims of tender knees, and backs, and broken brains,  corrupt lawyers, managers, and wicked accountants who see them, only, as sustenance for their own capital gain,  every generation,  over and over again  -  willing victims of  the same sucker game.


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