Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CONCLUSIONS: The Night before the Election


November 5. 20012


            My issue in 2008 was Iraq; I painted “Stop the War in Iraq; Vote for Barack!” signs all over my white van for the man. And, he came through; we’re almost completely out of Iraq, and close to being out of Afghanistan. And, I think Barack is much more likely than Romney to keep us out of Iran. 

            I don’t believe Barack Obama has that love for killing disease that the Military Industrial Complex types think he needs to be President.  My most vital concern is at the end of the next term which one will have been responsible for the most murders.  That’s the one I want to spurn.

            And, although I can’t be angry at you because most people don’t know that we had 500,000 abortions of black babies in the last recorded Census year(2010),

as a father of 7 and a granddad of 12,  I, frankly, feel threatened by this environment. Am I voting to make it conducive to killing my future grandchildren?  A chilling thought, and are we even allowed to think like that if we are Democrats?

But, in case you have become catatonic, to put it another way, what if the Crips killed 500,000 black children last year and were going to kill more this year?  What if the Ku Klux Klan hanged, tarred, feathered, and burned a half a million black kids? Would it be historic to us? Would we, African Americans stand up and say, “No, we will change it by any righteous means necessary? And make our own mark on history. “ Or, would we pathetically say, “There’s too many bad black kids, anyway?”

Yes, I have concluded, ultimately, that I will vote for you, Barack, but the day after the election, I will be lobbying to change the traditional policies that accept, even recommend abortion for fornication gone awry. Hundreds of thousands of .007 morally immature mothers licensed to kill potentially marvelous black human beings.  I have daughters like you, Mr. President, that I feel responsible to protect from harm, and the thought of  them having an abortion and depriving life to a baby at the risk of their own souls is commensurate to  my utter failure as a father. If you have not come to this conclusion, yet, you will. 

Let us do everything we can to dismantle the environment that has conceded our youth to fornication for hetero or homosexuals.  Let us create and support hip hop with profoundly moral messages.  Movies that are cutting edge, but uplifting (ie., “South Central”). Let us infuse African American culture, deliberately, with values that disdain murder and substance abuse – values that champion intellect and our own dynamic literature.

Let’s stop giving away condoms and have book giveaways – thousands of  books that even the “bad” kids want to read.  Let’s  eliminate black illiteracy, as a tradition.

Then, let us set a goal of reducing our abortions by at least 100,000 in 2013 and make strategies to achieve it.  Before you “A woman has a right to determine what she wants to do with her body”  spiritually blind people retort,  I chasten you; beware of putting your fate on Yaum al kiyama (The Day of Judgment) in the truth of a cliché.  Do not let The Whisperer trick you into joining the ranks of the murderers (or, those who are complicit to murder) on That Day.  

If we are sincere, we will admit that we will acquiesce to truth for the good of America and the world, even if that truth comes from a Republican. Approximately, 16 million black children aborted since 1973.  We have been duped into complicity to our own genocide.

Barack,  If this missive finds you victorious, use your bully pulpit to continue to save lives, but, now, let us focus on saving at least 100,000 of the  black babies, here,  who are,  otherwise doomed.    

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