Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Do Not Abort That Thought

The original blend

(or, “do not abort that thought”)


And, I think thoughts that have never been thought before

And will never be thought, again,

And from the moment these virgin thoughts

Leave my mind I realize that they had never been thought before

And will probably never be thought, again.


Yet, how amazing is God/Allah to blend

All of the pristine thoughts of both women  & men

Into the same conclusion – conception!

Do not abort that thought.

Refine creation. Make it better & better!

Again and again!


Despite the fights, sterile philosophies,

Deceptions, aborted attempts at “perfected contraception,”

Wom-and-men, keep copulating and populating,

Rejuvenating that Original Blend –

Celebrating Allah’s pregnant thought

Given to humanity for eternity.


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