Wednesday, August 8, 2012


At first, it was encouraged,

It made economic (Title One/Chapter One) sense

For urban schools to educate, badly,

Then, incarcerate.

And, it made for good television  and movies

And Hip Hop (Mo’ Money).

Then, it was ignored

As if disassociation w/ignorance

Would make it go away.

Or, at least, not flaunt our shame.

But, then Crack came.

So, in 1985 I wrote the novel, CRIPS,

Then, the movie,        “SOUTH CENTRAL”

In 1990 to illuminate the illiterate traditions in the Crip Gang.

And, I used heroes who rose above their shame

To accomplish their missions.

Today, we fight functional illiteracy

With 1000 book giveaways.

We campaign to, finally,  eliminate illiteracy

By donating some of the best of our personal libraries.

We are unleashing the power in our precious books

By giving them away.

How many hearts can we heal?

How many minds & souls can we lift up

By giving up

The beautiful books we love?

Instead of hoarding them,

Piling up our wealth of knowledge

Until we pass away, and Someone throws them away.

No, let us take our Prodigious arsenal,and

Slay our ubiquitous menace,

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