Friday, April 29, 2016

Charity Does Not Diminish Wealth

Charity Does Not Diminish Wealth;
It Purifies It

I make it rain for the waitress who smiles at me;
Then, I say something that makes her feel pretty.

I make it rain for my favorite sistuh behind the desk at the bowling alley;
Let her keep the change from the twenty.

I bowl, but I do not gamble, and I laugh at the people who play lotto.
I drive a new car, but it's not expensive; I save so that I can give.

I prefer not to spend my money in vain;
I love to help people; I love to make it rain!

I prefer to live simply, so I can give, amply;
I prefer to live my life, plain, so I can continue to make it rain.

I make it rain for the Brothers beating on congas in the park,
Especially when it gets close to dark.

I make it rain for the Brothers on the corner plotting crime
(Tired of doin' without all the time).

Before one of them can even think about bringing me game,
I make it rain!

I make it rain for the broken women
In front of the grocery store -

Hands outstretched, faces filled w/pain, begging and ashamed.
I love to see them light up when I make it rain!

Yes, I am addicted to putting hope back into hopeless eyes.
I stop my car for people pushing shopping carts overflowing w/pain,

Then, I  get out, and, "Surprise",
I make it rain!

When I go to the mosque, I make prayer, then, I make it rain.
And, it seems I can barely get out of the block

Before Allah (S.W.A.) has given the money back to me, again.

The Original Griot

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