Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let’s Save 100,000 Black Babies’ Lives This Year

By Sheikh Donald Bakeer

Let’s save 100,000 Black Babies from abortion this year, 2013. Let’s pay the price; let’s sacrifice illicit sex and give our young people good advice.

We’re killing too many kids, 20,000,000 in 40 years?

400-500,000/yr. When babies die that could live, it’s counterproductive. Don’t you know some of the ones who slipped through  know you wish you had aborted them, too? We’ve got to be strong to turnaround on this road we’re on.  We must dig deep to defeat these demons; we’re sacrificing our children.  Forget about the blame; let us admit our shame and commit to change the whole game.

If you are living foul, don’t be bragging about it.

It’s bad enough to do wrong, but, now, you gon’ represent for it?  Our babies deserve to be born into

The purest wombs, too.  We’ve got to nurture them and secure, then, cultivate them.  They are our gems; let us protect them and expect them to be even more valuable as they age, our accumulated wealth, our treasure.

Instead of dooming them from the moment the two fluids form the bastard clot to be always in need of what daddies give: confidence, spiritual guidance, security/money, a productive role model.

Let us put more into our “love making”. Let us commit to clean up the environment around it, first. No impurities, no vice, no social disease. 

We’re no longer good at “doing it”. In fact, we’re weak because after we plant the seeds, we don’t care if they grow up to be weeds or if the womb robbers do their dirty deed. We’re doing all this masterful “love making” and don’t have anything to show for it. What can you produce to prove you really know how to groove?  The real “lovers” are the fathers and mothers who know how to make the two fluids come together. You can’t even begin to think about touching that creation spot until you secure her and she feels safe enough to drop all of her defenses and relinquish her essence… to you and only you. African Americans are no longer great lovers;

We’ve forgotten the rituals and perverted the art.


Check your Brother and/or Sister when you see them bragging about fornicating,  around children.  There’s no winning in that game; even the victories are just temporary.  At the end of the day, you know the winners are the ones that married and stayed together.  We are never going to accumulate adequate wealth with all of these broken homes. 

We need to bring back VIRGINS, again.  Chaste girls and boys should be recognized and praised!  We need to clean up and nourish our orchard if we want to produce the best fruit.  Some of our fruit is so rotten we just throw it away. Born rotten from a womb bathed in malignant fornication.

The scripture says,”It’s the clean for the clean and the dirty for the dirty.” So, what will you qualify for when you get ready to marry? How much better are you, morally, now, than when you were conditioned to endure, and, sometimes, even brag about being raped in slavery.

Our poverty is our Spirituality and Morality. We will succeed, en masse, when we begin to exhibit some class.

Let’s change the game.  We don’t need to keep making our youth have to continually face this cruel dilemma:

‘Are you going to be a Mother, or, are you going to be a murderer?’ Because The Whisperer says,

“You know you have to have premarital sex to be normal. The secret is the dirtier you are, the better you will feel and be as a human being. Eat from the filthy tree!"

We must stop being and breeding weak people. If you are weak, at least, have some shame. Hide it from your kids while you work on being strong. 

African Americans are going to make their comeback on the backs of strong relationships that commit to raising and inspiring strong productive children. 

Let Us Save 100,000 Black Babies Lives This Year”  


(African Americans Against Abortions)


  1. As-salaamu alaikum. Mr. Bakeer I immensely enjoyed this article on Abortion. You have offered a fresh perspective to the topic. May I repost to my webpage at www.wanttherealtruth.com??? Masalaama & Eid Mubarak.


    Marcus Allgood

  2. Please do and encourage others to, Marcus,