Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Skipping Beats" for Whitney

for Whitney
Some  (very special) times our children come 
With a Passion and a Perfectness
That make all of us lavish them w/Love.
So, when our wisdom seems to slow them,
They don’t heed.
But, hearts are only given so many beats.
Whitney, you could not have, truly, known 
The love you engendered,
The hearts that were surrendered
Because of the women you played, the words you sang or said.
But, now, we can touch you w/our spirits,
Pray for you our songs of Love and Dread.
And, since the lines between art and life are,             
 Now, blurred, can one cancel out the other?
Because, truthfully, I ponder,
‘What will be the impact of your life,
On the Wanna Be Whitney’s?’

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