Saturday, January 28, 2012

Food For Thought


Most of the religious scholars throughout time agree
Prophet Jesus Christ's death is a mystery.
Yet, most Christians (who purport to love him most ) 
Prefer to believe that he died for their sins at age 33, 
Even though  he faced death on the cross, unwillingly. 

Why would God deny His divine servant's prayers,
So He could  grant filthy sinners theirs?
Would Jesus' words and his works be less profound
If he escaped the cross and taught even more
before  being Heaven bound?

God sends prophets with words of wisdom and warning
against sin.
Their lives are examples that keep us from harming
our own souls, 
So by not falling victim to Satan's seduction
we can win,
Only, then, do we attain life's Ultimate Goal.

Would Christians make our divine Prophet Jesus a mere enabler
who God only sent to condone their sinful behaviors?

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